Rincón vs Esquina – The Two Words for «Corner» in Spanish

how to use the word corner

Corner? Which corner? “La esquina” or “el rincón”? Do you know the difference between “esquina” and “rincón”? Both are translated into English as the word, “corner” but in Spanish they are not used the same way! This is an important distinction to make if you want to talk to your students in the classroom, or …

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How to say excuse me in Spanish – Why not to say lo siento

How to say excuse me in Spanish

“Excuse me!” In English, we use this phrase in so many different contexts with various tones of voice. Some probably sounded more polite than others, even though their meaning was the same. Take a moment and I bet you can remember three times you have used it recently for different purposes. Maybe you needed to …

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9 Spanish Phrases to Sound Natural – Master Spanish Conversation

speak spanish

Every student who wants to keep progressing to the next level wants to sound natural. Here I am talking about sentences my students find in videos, series, and movies, and got lost when they listened to them or read them in the subtitles. The problem is the literal translation does not work with them. We …

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The influence of English on Spanish

influence english spanish

What’s an anglicism? It is a word we adopt from English and we use it in the middle of a Spanish sentence. Sometimes it is hilarious. Think about the fact we pronounce them with Spanish sounds. Here I am making you a list of them, and the actual word we have in our language meaning …

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