Spanish Nouns with Different Meanings in Different Genders

Spanish nouns with different meanings

One of the first things you learn about Spanish is that nouns have gender, like how la mesa (the table) is feminine, and el plato (the plate) is masculine. The idea that non-living things like objects, places, and feelings, can have a gender usually seems a little weird to native English speakers. Well, it gets weirder still… The amusing …

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Spanish Words You Didn’t Know You Knew

Spanish words

Spanish words ¿Te cuento un secreto? Si hablas inglés, entonces ya sabes algo de español. Habitualmente usas palabras que, o son palabras directamente en español, o son palabras que el inglés adoptó tras el contacto con la lengua española, independientemente del origen de esas palabras. En este artículo vas a aprender el significado de palabras …

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