B-005: The Difference between “Crecer” vs. “Criar” vs. “Criarse” vs. “Cultivar” – Beginner Spanish Podcast

crecer vs. criar vs. criarse vs. cultivar different contexts

How do you talk about growth in Spanish? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people make common mistakes when using verbs like “crecer,” “criar,” “criarse,” and “cultivar.” In this podcast, we’ll explain the differences between these verbs and teach you how to say “to grow” in Spanish correctly. Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.

B-004: Tips for Learning Spanish – Which Type of Spanish Should I Learn? – Beginner Spanish Podcast

tips for learning

A podcast for beginner and intermediate Spanish students. What do you do with the accents from the different series or movies you are watching in Spanish? Are you getting confused because they are from different Spanish-speaking countries? Do you know which Spanish is the one they are teaching you in the app you are using in your cellphone? It is better to learn different accents at the same time? When should you start to listen to different accents? I will be solving all these questions in this podcast. Visit {www.fluentinspanish.org} for the Spanish transcription and English translation

B-003: Tú vs Usted – Beginner Spanish Podcast.

Tu vs Usted

It is time for you to start making decisions when speaking in Spanish, and one of these decisions is deciding between the use of USTED or the use of TÚ when speaking to someone. In this podcast I will talk about the use of both in Latin America and Spain, what are the similarities and differences between them in this regard. I will also teach you about the use of VOSOTROS and USTEDES. Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for the Spanish transcription and English translation

B-002: Ordering Breakfast in Spain -Beginner Spanish Podcast

What can I have for breakfast in spain

A podcast for beginner Spanish students about ordering breakfast in Spain. We will talk about the regular food we eat during our breakfast time, or how to order the coffee that you usually like. All in Spanish aimed at Beginner Spanish learners and up. Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for the Spanish transcription and English translation

B-001: Teach Yourself Spanish Pronunciation – Vowels – Beginners Spanish Podcast

– Vowels –Teach Yourself Spanish Pronunciation

A podcast for Beginner Spanish students about how important pronouncing vowels correctly is, with examples of what can go wrong when they do not do it accurately. First, it goes into each isolated vowel sound. Then, it increases the pace gradually while mixing vowel sounds. And finally, it has an exercise with funny sentences, some of them make no sense at all. The reason for this is that a vowel is being mispronounced. Therefore, the word where that vowel is included becomes a different word, which results of a crazy sentence. Students will have to guess which sentences match the given options. Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for the Spanish transcription and English translation