How do you say “to grow” in Spanish?

How do you say to grow in Spanish?

“To grow” in Spanish? So, you’re a beginner learner, and you’re wondering how do you say to grow in Spanish? ¡No pasa nada! We’ve got you covered. This is actually a full video lesson with practice (podcast version with exercise, transcripts, translation, and vocab word list available by clicking here), we’ll explore the different ways …

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How to apologize in Spanish (I) – Perdone vs disculpe vs lo siento

apologize- different ways to say sorry

Apologizing – Why not to say “lo siento” In English there is this convenient word «sorry» that can be used for so many different situations. But this is different if you are speaking Spanish. «Sorry», you mutter as you bump into someone unintentionally on the sidewalk. You are in a big hurry. «Sorry, I’m late» …

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Rincón vs Esquina – The Two Words for “Corner” in Spanish

how to use the word corner

Corner? Which corner? “La esquina” or “el rincón”? Do you know the difference between “esquina” and “rincón”? Both are translated into English as the word, “corner” but in Spanish they are not used the same way! This is an important distinction to make if you want to talk to your students in the classroom, or …

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