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My name is Carmen and when I am not dancing salsa, I am creating podcasts, videos, articles, or teaching 1:1 lessons. The truth is one of my motivations to work from home is being barefoot all day long. Love it!

Music has guided my life in both my languages – Spanish and English. When I was a child in Spain, it was music in Spanish that made me passionate about the different accents of Spanish from around the world. And it was music in English that gave me the dream of becoming fluent in English at some point. As I child I also developed a passion for Latin-American literature. I was a geeky child who asked for music and books instead of toys.

At some point, I decided I wanted to teach abroad. It was quite an adventure! I had barely been out of my provice at that time, and suddenly, I was moving to the USA, where I started my career teaching Spanish to foreigners. Well, wait a minute, I was the foreigner, right? Anyway, over there I taught at some universities such as Penn State. I also made friends from all over the world. I learned a lot about the world, and useful things like the fact you could buy the doughnuts holes in the supermarkets!

When I first arrived, I had to get by with the English I had, and oh boy… I had many misunderstandings, but the purpose of learning a language is communication, and little by little I was able to communicate with people. Of course I made tons of mistakes, and my pronunciation was not very good.

After some years there, I came back to Spain, and I have been living here since then.

I am currently studying Mandarine, and would love to become also a Spanish teacher for Chinese students! 中国学生的西班牙语老师. 

I believe in humour and consistency as ways to fight your insecurity while trying to become fluent in a language. There is no learning without mistakes, so let’s make them with a laugh and a smile.

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