How to say excuse me in Spanish – How to apologize in Spanish (III) – Perdón vs con permiso vs disculpe

Excuse me - Perdón vs. Con Permiso Vs. Disculpe

“Excuse me!” In English, we use this phrase in so many different contexts with various tones of voice. Some probably sounded more polite than others, even though their meaning was the same. Take a moment and I bet you can remember three times you have used it recently for different purposes. Maybe you needed to get a cashier’s attention when they were busy texting and you were ready to check out. Perhaps they were really occupied with another customer, but you wanted to ask them a question and needed to interrupt. Or it’s possible you just needed someone to move out of your path so you could walk through a crowded area.


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Well, in Spanish there are some different words you may hear in these contexts, and if you want to be fluent in Spanish, you may want to be familiar with them. We use what I call the “Perdon Range” and “Disculpe Range” words for these minor things to say sorry, or excuse me. If you want to know more details about choosing the most polite words from this range and the circumstances you might need them for, watch this video and hear some great examples from a native Spanish teacher, Carmen!