Movie Talking in Spanish – Part 2

Movie Talking - A Real Spanish Conversation between Native Speakers

Click here for the transcript, comprehension exercise, translation, and a vocab word list for this video-podcast is. This is the second episode of a series of two on this topic. If you haven’t watched the first episode, click here.

Movie talking in Spanish or how to speak about movies in Spanish. This is what we will be doing here. This is a real Spanish conversation between two natives who want to show you how we really give a review on a movie. With expressions, sometimes bad words… and informal language. 


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You’ve sat down to watch a movie, made popcorn, made yourself comfortable in your favorite corner of the couch. Are you with your family? Have you invited friends over? Or maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’re at the movies, that’s it! You’ve paid for your ticket and you’re about to watch a movie. Listo para disfrutar.

You see the costumes, the atmosphere, the actors, the rhythm of the action, the special effects, if any, the dialogues, the acting, the story, … etc. Are you liking it? Surely there are parts that you do and others that you don’t. How do you comment on all this in Spanish? You can learn the basics of Spanish films and cinema vocabulary, yes. And with all that you can make your sentences formal and grammatically correct. Yes, you can talk about your favorite movies.This would be correct. However, what I want you to do is to learn to express all your opinions in a more informal way. I want you to learn to express yourself like a native speaker.

In this second episode we are going to talk about how to give that opinion about the film. You know how to say that it’s a great movie, but do you know how to say it in a colloquial way? Do you know how a native would say that a movie is tremendously boring? Or how to express that it made you cry a lot in a casual way? What expressions do natives use with the term “movie”? We have several. You will learn all this here.

I have created these two episodes about movies where you will observe two native speakers talking about movies. Both are an excellent Spanish listening practice to improve your language target by listening to native speakers. You haven’t seen the first part yet and you have bumped into this second one.? I recommend you start with the first part, because it’s an unscripted conversation where we end up talking so much that we split it into two parts. So just so you can follow the correct order. I’ll leave you the link here to that first part. Of course, in that first part, if you want, you can find the transcript, the translation, a comprehension exercise, the movie list and the vocabulary list.

For this second part, I also leave you here the same. The point is that this experience is not just watching a video, but a complete learning experience.

You have several ways to approach this learning. If you want to make it harder and test your ears, instead of watching this video, you can start with the podcast version here. And after listening to it you can go to the video and listen/watch it a second time. Then you can do the listening comprehension exercise and finally watch the transcript. Actually, how you do it is your choice.

We want to apologize if we offend anyone when we say that a movie is bad or recommend not to watch it. You have to understand that we want it to be a natural conversation and in any natural conversation between native speakers, if you are close, you are going to give the other person your opinion so we didn’t want to censor ourselves. We hope this will be understood as we only want to teach you our language as well as possible.

Que te diviertas y aprendas mucho.