Ways to Actively Learn Spanish

How to actively learn Spanish?

Is this your first time here? If it’s your first time, you should know that this is a complete class where you will the transcription, the translation and a list of vocab words that may be new to you. You can find all this by clicking here.

Definitely learn Spanish actively does not mean studying for two weeks, then stop and come back in a month. Then you spend a month absolutely comitted, but you drop out again. Why is this wrong? It’s not wrong because you are not comitted to yourself, or because you have chosen a teacher and you have a responsibility to him or her. It is because you are going to forget what you have learned. You wasted time. You’re going to end up searching on the Internet for how to memorize Spanish words fast. You’re going to make excuses and look for better tricks to memorize words because you think you are bad at memorizing words. The problem is that learning a language requires perseverance. It is not that you have “memoria de pez”. You are simply human.


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But it is not the only problem. In addition to this, you need to get to active learning with good active learning techniques to learn vocabulary. What is this? Let me explain it better. If you listen or watch movies, series, podcasts, news, … that’s great but, how do you remember those words later on? Because you are probably spending your time trying to learn vocabulary with all that stuff you watch and/or listen to, right? I understand that’s why you do it. “Carmen, are you telling me not to? How to have a fluent conversation one day if I don’t do this?”

No, relax, mate. Nobody’s saying this. What I’m saying is that maybe you’re not finding the best ways for learning vocab. You think you are, that these are all ways to build your vocabulary. And yes they are, the problem is that not everyone has a prodigious memory and is going to watch an episode and remember every new word that appears in it, right? At least I don’t. So you’ll have to put a bit more effort into this. It is a different type of effort. All that stuff you’re doing, reading or listening to Spanish is passive learning. You need to take a step more towards active learning, towards ways to actively learn Spanish, don’t you think? Or maybe you don’t think so because you don’t know what I’m talking about.

But that is what I am here for. I will explain it all to you in this video which, remember, is also a podcast, like almost all my videos. It has a transcript, translation and a list of vocabulary that will help you to make it a more complete learning experience. In it we are going to see step method to absorb Spanish like a sponge. You just have to be prepared to work harder than you did before. Yes, we need to dedicate time to language learning, sorry!

There really are no secrets to learning vocabulary in no time. Or yes… you see, you just have to practice it. There is no other option. You can search and search for the fastest way to increase your vocabulary but nothing is really going to stop you from something that is the most difficult but, at the same time, the most fun: creating your own sentences. Is there any simple and fun ways to improve other than this? I think it’s fun, it’s just complicated. Complicated is not always boring.

¡Así que ponte las pilas! Let’s make a list of practical and effective techniques to boost your Spanish.

Exercise, transcripts, translation and vocab list here.