Spanish Immersion at Work – A Student’s Experience

Spanish Immersion at Work

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our exciting video podcast! I’m thrilled to be your host as we embark on a fascinating journey with one of my incredible long-time students. Today, we have the pleasure of diving deep into Courtney Dezahd’s captivating story, where she shares her experiences, challenges, and triumphs as she navigates the world of Spanish language acquisition.

In this episode, we have the honor of hearing our guest’s inspirational tale, starting from her humble beginnings as a teenager studying Spanish. She’ll take us back to those formative years, where she didn’t love her teacher, and didn’t love learning this language. Brace yourself for an engaging narrative that will transport you to the very heart of her Spanish immersion journey.


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Here you can contact Courtney and Sean Dezahd’s, and watch their YouTube channels:

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Throughout our conversation, our guest will open up about the unique hurdles she faced while balancing the demands of both work and study, all while raising two little children. She had more than one, and more than 5 lessons with her baby on her lap. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that with determination and perseverance, anything is possible.

One of the key themes we’ll delve into is the significance of Spanish language skills in the workplace. Our guest will share her firsthand experiences of how her growing proficiency in Spanish opened doors, created new opportunities, and fostered meaningful connections with clients alike. From navigating work-related tasks to engaging in professional conversations, she will unveil the true power and impact of Spanish language proficiency in a professional setting.

But how did she manage to make time for her Spanish language study amidst her hectic schedule? She was motivated! And after that, she just kept the habit per years. Prepare to be inspired and motivated as you learn practical techniques for carving out time to pursue your language-learning aspirations.

As a working mother, our guest’s journey takes on an even deeper meaning. She’ll illuminate the unique challenges faced by mothers who strive to enhance their language skills while juggling the responsibilities of parenting and professional life. We’ll explore her motivations, the driving force behind her relentless pursuit of Spanish fluency, and how she discovered the inner strength to persevere through the most demanding times.

Staying motivated on a language-learning journey can be a struggle for many.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a dedicated parent, or simply someone seeking to enhance your language skills, you’re sure to discover valuable insights to keep you on track.

Finally, we’ll explore various ways to find motivation in language learning. From seeking out cultural experiences to connecting with language communities.

Get ready for an engaging and heartfelt conversation as we celebrate the triumphs and milestones achieved by our exceptional guest. Together, we’ll explore the transformative power of Spanish immersion, the profound impact of using Spanish at work, the art of carving out time for language study, and the incredible motivation of working mothers pursuing their dreams.

So grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and prepare to be inspired as we embark on this incredible adventure. Join us as we unveil the remarkable story of our guest’s journey through Spanish language acquisition. Welcome to a video podcast that promises to ignite your passion for language learning.